Top 10 Bollywood Movies 2018

Here is a small list of Bollywood movies which is set to release this year. We are as excited as you all are to watch these movies. 2.0 (film) This sci-fi movie is directed by S.Shankar. It is a sequel to a Tamil film, Enthiran. It is said to be most expensive Indian Movie tillRead More

10 Reasons Priyanka Chopra Is an Inspiration For Everyone

Priyanka Chopra has always been known as a versatile actress. She is drop dead gorgeous actress who broke all stereotypes. Most of the actress stagnate in their careers, however, PeeCee has always faced new risks head-on. Her journey from modeling to acting and from Bollywood to Hollywood was not a cakewalk. PeeCee kept moving forwardRead More

Top 4 Bollywood Movie That Shows Nepotism

Bollywood Industry won’t agree that nepotism exists, however, it always gives endless chances to the star kids to make a career. Some of them learn the skill over time, however, most of them are just not born for an acting career. Obviously, there are movies which can be watched a million times, like the movieRead More

10 Bollywood Comedy Movies Everyone Must Watch

Every genre attracts a different set of audience. However, the success of any movie depends not only on the story but on various other factors like acting, cinematography, casting, and music. The most difficult genre for directors and actor is a comedy because any old funny situation or dialogue may not keep the audience rib-ticklingRead More

Bahubali 2 Box Office Collection of 1st Day

Most awaited film of the year, Bahubali 2, finally released today. It got a great opening with huge response as was expected. [AdSense-A] The interest among the audience for this type of film is new for Indian filmmakers. [AdSense-B] The interest level is obviously high because our audience is tired of seeing same rom-com andRead More

Sunjay Kapoor To Marry Priya Sachdev In NY in April

Nowadays, relationships are really complicated. Even more, when it comes to Bollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses relationships. Whenever anything big or small happens in their lives becomes the talk of the town in no time. One of such celebrity is Karisma Kapoor whose divorce has been covered by all the big media channels andRead More

Top 10 Handsome Bollywood Actors

Bollywood is a film industry stacked with gifted vocalists, artists, makers, executives, music directors, and actors who have received worldwide approval. Consistently, Bollywood invites new faces and skilled actors to prove their ability to the world with their hit movies. It was practically difficult to pick just ten best and most great looking actors ofRead More

Bollywood big names share their Holi recollections

Sonakshi Sinha It’s my favorite festival. I like playing Holi with my friends. My most memorable Holi was a couple of years back when I had a fabulous time at a dear friend’s home. She has a lovely yard, and we crushed it by being super rowdy. Parineeti Chopra I will have a working HoliRead More