Effective Communication For Successful Business

Communication is neither the message nor the process of transmission of it. It is actually the mutual understanding between the sender and receiver. You need to effectively communicate while doing business or any work which involves directing, controlling, organizing, staffing or planning. Thus, we can’t give HR role to a person who doesn’t have the skillRead More


Mass Communication Theories and Principles Every Journalist Should Know

Here are top 4 theories which you will come across while studying journalism and mass communication. 1. Shannon and Weaver model of Mass communication In simple words, this is a theory written by a mathematician and a scientist. They explained how a message is encoded by the sender through a medium and that message isRead More


Top 6 Course for Entrepreneurs – Check Out The List

Education is something that never ends, no matter how big you are in your field; course and things are constantly changing and becoming better. In the world of business, nothing remains stagnant there always a way to make it better. Top 6 Course for Entrepreneurs ♥ Below is the list of basic course that everyRead More

Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a popular word and many people want to become one. However, most of these people are unaware of the meaning of the word entrepreneur. The person who undertakes a task from the beginning, understand every risk, take all the responsibility and rewards, is known an entrepreneur. There are two types of entrepreneur.Read More

7 Popular Types of Photography Techniques For Beginners

Almost everyone loves photography nowadays. Most people love to be captured. Some of the people have the expert talent of handling the other side of the lenses. Recently, a lot of photographers have come up to take seriously and professionally their art and talent. Here are some of the genres of photography you should knowRead More


10 Ways To Stay Dynamic In The Workplace

1. Get yourself a pedometer In this way, you may at first be trying to claim ignorance. By having a pedometer, it tenderly reminds you the amount more you could do whilst in the workplace. As opposed to about it as a different errand to satisfy on top of the heap at work, the accompanyingRead More


Career Options After completing graduation with B.A. degree

Finishing graduation is considered to be one of the greatest landmarks in the scholastic career of any student. However, along the fulfillment of being a qualified graduate degree holder, students are likewise confronted with the unavoidable issue ‘What After This’, which keeps on frequenting them until they settle on their decision. Settling on an insightfulRead More