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Do you want to write for us? We are looking for a story writer. For someone who can think inside out the box. Someone who’s book can be called ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

Someone who loves the smell of a new page, the feel of a pen between their fingers.

Someone who loves to do chit-chat, even if it’s with themselves. You will get to work on the coolest brands, with the warmest bunch of people.

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Our readers are willing to read! Your commitment may enhance the life status of the readers and may make well impacts on their lives.

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You can give a post when you like. This implies no due dates, aside from the ones you make for yourself!



1. Is my piece rousing, instructive, and/or instructive?

Posts included on Newskira are sure and instructive.

2. Has this as of now been secured?

We include an extensive variety of points on Tips clear and we have a huge library of awesome substance. In what way can your piece add to what’s now there? Maybe your accommodation can expound on one angle that didn’t get a lot of consideration!

3. What’s an extraordinary title?

Keep in mind: our readers are occupied. A decent title can possibly get their consideration and make them need to read your piece.

In case, you’re adhered attempting to make one, ask yourself: What issue does my article explain? By what method will be understanding this article improve somebody’s life? How might I show this to a companion?

4. Is my first passage compact?

You just get one opportunity to make an early introduction! Do your early on sentence make the reader need to do? Does your first section tell the reader unmistakably and briefly what the article will be about?

5. Am I offering significant tips?

Numerous readers come to Newskira to discover arrangements. An awesome piece will give tips that they can execute effectively.



Here are a couple of pointers to remember when composing.

1. Write in your own voice.

An incredible post will seem like a genuine individual composed it, and it will have a particular voice. In case you’re not certain what “voice” implies in this setting, think about it thus: how might you show you’re thought of a friend? Use that conversational tone when you write!

2. Keep it short but informative.

Not less than 500 words and not more than 1700 words!

In case you’re going to offer tips, join a short starting passage at the highest point of your post clarifying why you’re putting forth this guidance. Is it correct to say that you are a specialist on the point? Did you battle to comprehend the issue and need to share your insight?

3. Erase unnecessary words.

Once in a while, people use a few words when the only one will do the trap. We request taking one take a look (tip: read the whole written article) at your piece to make sure you’re just including words that are completely fundamental.

4. Use a legitimate voice.

It’s comprehended that the posts are the sentiment of the creator. As the essayist, you’re the master all alone assessment! Hence, you don’t have to use phrases like, “as I would like to think,” or “I accept,” which cheapen the thought you’re attempting to pass on.

5. Stick to plain English!

English ought to be perfect and clean without syntactic blunders. It ought to be basic and straight implications.

6. Incorporate an appropriate photograph.

Sent: quality photograph is profoundly valued.

7. Show to us your image sources. (We can’t underline this enough!)



We adore stories, and we’re generally vigilant for awesome ones. Truly extraordinary papers share these qualities:

1. They stay centered.

Keep the focus on one time in your life. In case you’re expounding on becoming hopelessly enamored, don’t specify every one of your connections in this article; stick to one critical time in one relationship. Furthermore, keep it on the shorter side.

2. Incorporate a point of view movement.

Extraordinary articles enlighten how you’ve changed in one aspect of your life. Generally, this requires some development by the way you see the world, so let us see that change! If you start at Point A, your article ought to end up at Point B.

3. Try not to abandon us pondering about your inspirations.

Your decisions are what make you intriguing, so let us into your way of thinking.

4. Be truly particular.

It’s humorous, yet the more particular you are about your life, the more your story will impact others. For instance, it’s more grounded to say “the main yoga class of my life, taught by Elena Brower” than “a class.”

5. Be, well … individual.

The more fair and helpless you can be about your battles and triumphs, the more readers will be enlivened by and compassionate to your story!


If it’s not too much trouble email us the accompanying if you’re ready to give:

• Your full post with a working title. If it’s not too much trouble send this inside the body of an email.

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