How Harry Potter Changed The World Forever

We saw the cast of Harry Potter series grew up to become megastar on screen. Plus, those 8 movies have made over $2 billion. Rowling, a divorced mother, struggled to publish her first Potter novel. However, when she did, the novel made history with its popularity among young and old kids. Presently, she is Twitter celebRead More


5 Lesser Known Ramayana Characters Which Played Important Roles

Ramayana is the first ever epic which is still popularly shown as television shows and movies. Indian people can still relate to its culture and characters in their life. Here 5 important characters who got overshadowed by other Ramayana characters. 1. Angada Angada was Sugriv’s nephew. He was the son of King Bali and Tara. AfterRead More


Rural Indian Fairs That are Rage Among Photographers

If you have ever visited India but didn’t visited any grand fair, you haven’t seen the true beauty of the country. Indian fairs still possess the old charm. Here are some of the most popular Indian Fairs you must visit Baneshwar fair Head to Rajasthan in the month of January to experience the fun ofRead More

Top 10 Villages in Varanasi You Must Visit

There is a lot more to see in Varanasi than temples, ghats, and restaurants. You need to interact with the locals to understand the city and its history in more detail.  You will find some of the most amazing villages in Varanasi. These villages are the hidden gems of the city which you can onlyRead More

10 Ways to Stay Safe On Open Wi-Fi Networks

While working in the coffee shop, office or hotel room, getting free Wi-Fi is always a jackpot. You usually want to use it to save your mobile data. However, you know that you not using a secure connection and you are risking your security. Here are the ways you can surf safely using public Wi-FiRead More